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Dog food recipes, Dogs / 10.01.2016

Dog Food Recipes - Odds are, your puppy may not such as the flavor of it. Let us take a view of many dishes for diabetic pets. Here are some of our favorite Dog Food Recipes. In the event your puppy is just not serious within the food which you layout for them, so you may want to begin contemplating homemade dog food. You may generally cook some simple homemade healthy dog-food in their view. Dog food for German Shepherds should be just as the food the dogs eat...

Dogs, Foods to avoid for dogs / 15.01.2015

Pet owners, watch out for if you are thinking about giving your four-legged friend  salty snacks, especially the type of nuts. we mention below. You'll learn if can dogs eat pistachios and many other kinds of nuts. Nuts are yet another "DON'T EAT" product to throw onto Fido's listing of hazardous or harmful substances. Among the hottest online looks for owners is "are nuts safe for pets?" Actually, specific kinds of nuts may cause an obstruction, an upset stomach or toxic poisonings inside your pet is intestinal system which could result in life-saving...