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Dogs / 01.04.2016

Dog texts - Many four legged fury friend owners can vogue, you know that when we are not home, there is no telling what our little pups are doing back at home. The constant smiles and devotion we enjoy from our four-legged friends easily changes to some degree of clinginess that's somewhat uncomfortable. You-can't actually visit the supermarket without them destroying your favorite chucks, sandals, high heels, or destroying your curtains. But obviously, we enjoy their loyal, silly little puppy dog eyes. Sometimes, I've wondered what would my dog texts be? Dog texts amusing and...

Dogs, Foods to avoid for dogs / 16.03.2016

Are you wondering "Are peanuts bad for dogs?" If so, this article is a must read! Are peanuts bad for dogs - Owners are obviously considering knowing which nuts are risky for their dogs to consume. Which is really a positive thing, because several frequently-consumed nuts may be toxic to pets, including macadamia, walnuts, pistachios, nuts and pecans. But what about good, conventional peanuts? Are peanuts bad for dogs? Safe But Beware Possible Side Effects The good news: nuts are nontoxic to dogs. However, it’s very important to realize that while peanuts...

Dogs, Pictures, pictures of puppies / 13.03.2016

Dog with eyebrows - Among the best reasons for our animals (and furry four legged friends) is the fact that they've zero understanding regarding how sweet and amusing they truly are. It’s precisely what embarrassing owners do. We've some wonderful news– puppy eyebrows are actually anything if you’re a fellow supporter of said shenanigans. Notice, we’re not referring to the conventional fuzzy puppy eyebrows, we are referring to a pup hitting the mall heading to the MAC counter and becoming a glamours Dog with Eyebrows. We’ve found a ton of puppies who...