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dog texts

Dog Texts

Dog texts – Many four legged fury friend owners can vogue, you know that when we are not home, there is no telling what our little pups are doing back at home. The constant smiles and devotion we enjoy from our four-legged friends easily changes to some degree of clinginess that’s somewhat uncomfortable. You-can’t actually visit the supermarket without them destroying your favorite chucks, sandals, high heels, or destroying your curtains.

But obviously, we enjoy their loyal, silly little puppy dog eyes. Sometimes, I’ve wondered what would my dog texts be? Dog texts amusing and curious if they are accurate, it would be awesome if  our Dog could send us texts.

Oct Johnson, the blog’s founder (as well as the gifted writer behind some of these hilarious Dog Texts), includes a talent for taking the speech that the puppy may have when they might text and had iPhones. From his manic, repeated texting in most capital letters to excitement and his exuberance, an average dog’s character is completely captured by “Dog’s” texts. Many pet owners had their dog ask often for many food or have, atone level or another, needed to cope with a deleted house.

The theoretical discussions between his bulldog and this guy are hysterically accurate, every pet owner may wonder if this person has been texting using their own puppy.

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