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Dog Health, Dogs, Fun Facts About Dogs, Things to Avoid / 10.11.2016

Plants that are Poisonous For Dogs Some of us enjoy and nurture them. And they are not killed by some people, not on-purpose of course. Your furbabies, like to consume them-often on purpose. How many times maybe you have seen your puppy eat a plant and questioned, "is that poisonous?" Do not worry, we got you protected with this list of 23 Plants that are Poisonous For Dogs which can be poisonous for your furbaby. 1) Dieffenbachia: also referred to as Massive Dumb Cane and Tropic Snow. This total seed causes...

Dog Breeds, Dog pictures, Dogs, Fun Facts About Dogs, Large Dog Breeds / 10.11.2016

1) Bernese Mountain Dog They are large, cozy and everything required when you wish to snuggle. Move carts on farm and Bernese Mountain dogs were bred to protect livestock. He is a large and big type having a soft character, consequently breaks items to him softly. Bernese Mountain Dog Puppies Pictured Below. 2)  Saint Bernard Hey, Beethoven! This type isn’t just recognized for being a movie star, but also for obtaining wounded and missing people. He is a big, physical dog who can grow up to 30 inches tall and 180 pounds!...

Basset Hound, Dog Breeds, Dogs, Fun Facts About Dogs / 10.11.2016

One of the most familiar dog breeds in the US may be the Basset Hound. Basset lovers, also people who presently own Basset Hound Puppies might be surprised by the following details about this breed. #1. Popular in the US, Originated From France. The diminutive hound truly originated within the century in Italy, although the Basset Hound has a particular place in American lore. The label “Basset” comes from the German phrase bas, which generally means not imply high. Monks were initially responsible for developing the Basset Hound breed through...